Mental health professionals​. Which one to choose?
Psychologist, psychotherapist, psychiatrist or coach? Which one is the right fit for your topic? Here comes a brief description of competencies and requirements of mental health professionals.
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What is depression?
Depression! We have all heard the word and quite possibly use it regularly. But what is hidden behind it? What is depression and how to distinguish it from other diseases?
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Depression in numbers
Depression is a word that rooted in our general language some time ago and has become a topic forever. Look at the statistics of one of the world's most common diseases.
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Online therapy
Like many other work activities, therapy has moved into the world of the Internet. If you're still wondering if online therapy is right for you, the following summary may help.
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How to prepare for online sessions?
What to look out for and how to prepare for an online session? Read the following tips that can help you feel better with having an online therapy at home.
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